Tuesday, August 6, 2019


This summer has been a pain.  Everything that could inconvenience us, did.  Car break down? Check. Money issues? Yep. People problems? The whole bloody time.  Miscommunications? Sigh. Lost objects? I'm still searching for half of them.  Very, very, very annoying.

As much as we plan and try to prevent these things, it's a fact of life that sometimes, Murphy's Law is king.  All we can do is hold on, try to keep control and do it all with a little grace and humor.  I've noticed that some of my family's best traits come out in times like these. We do laugh at ourselves, regularly. We form strange alliances amongst ourselves to take the pressure off whoever is getting beat the worst, and we adapt.

Given the wild summer, it's probably not surprising that we're all a little relieved that school starts next week.  The mundane rhythm of the school year seems almost relaxing.  There is comfort in knowing that your day will be busy, but mostly only in the way you expect, right?

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