Monday, May 6, 2019


As we prepare for vacation, I find myself swept up in the kids' enthusiasm.  This is a rare thing for them. It's been years since we had an extended trip and more importantly, its' our first family vacation that is not for someone else's celebration.  The kids are pretty excited about an adventure, and my husband and I are looking forward to being away from home and work.  We'll be camping in an RV for a week to celebrate our 20th Wedding anniversary.

I've started packing things in boxes, but a couple of boxes have become projects themselves.  Aislinn and I decoupaged a forest and flowers ad a deer on one of them before we packed things into it.  Totally unnecessary, but fun. It has added a bit of magic to the whole process of packing.  We're plotting a box of stars next.  To top off these shenanigans, I've also color coordinated things unnecessarily (really the plastic plates and vinyl tablecloth and mesh food tents don't have to match, it's just ridiculously cute and joyful). 

From time to time, it's a lot of fun to embrace childlike joy and anticipation for no reason other than you can.  Decorate something to within an inch of its life, make cupcakes and enjoy them, be silly, sing and dance because you can.  Exuberance can break up a whole lot of negative and stale energy in your life.  I know I'm enjoying all my unnecessary and silly plans even before we leave home.  

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