Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blessing the spring

Spring is not a time of rest.  It may be beautiful and refreshing at times, but it requires huge amounts of energy.  Those things that don't get enough energy during this season often struggle to get a foothold, and I am, this year, so very sympathetic to them.

This year has been chaotic, demanding, and frustrating.  Every bit of progress, whether it's big and important or small and petty, seems to take so much energy and time and struggle.  I often see myself as fighting my way out of an egg or trying to push roots and limbs free of seedcoat and soil to stretch down tot he water and up to the sun.

On this Spring Equinox, I bless us all with that little bit of energy that keeps us fighting.  I bless us with determination, and I bless us with the wisdom to value out growing pains.  May we all find that the struggle brings us a bountiful harvest in time.

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