Friday, August 3, 2018

Words that don't work

I haven't been writing much.  I've been busy dealing with life, but I'm also struggling with the limits of language.  I need words that don't exist properly in English, and I don't speak another language.  It's frustrating, to have a clear, beautiful idea, and to not be able to share it without distorting it.

I feel that we are existing in a time in which many things are difficult to communicate partially because we don't have the right words.  Some of the words have perverted by nefarious characters who try to convince us of new meanings. Other words have become so common and softly defined that they are useless, and many other words simply don't exist.  Borrowed words can be problematic because we misunderstand their nuances.  Clear, concise communication is important, but it is also tricky and fraught with pitfalls.

I have chosen to be silent often.  If I can't clearly show you what I mean, I have been choosing to avoid adding to the cacophony around me.  I am listening. I am thinking, I am watching, and I am searching for better ways to communicate.  I am trying to take better responsibility for my communications in a time when so many things are purposefully misconstrued, misappropriated, and mistaken.  I am aware the silence can be a weapon and choice to accept status quo, but it can also be a powerful force for creativity. Things that happen in silence, in the spaces between words, can clarify our thoughts, create new meaning and give us the chance to be crystal clear with what we want to say.

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