Friday, June 2, 2017

What it if normal is no more?

I recently told me husband that I believe we should stop expecting anything normal this year.  It's been too weird, and the expectation that it will stop being weird is disappointing.  I believe in shifting expectations to avoid purposefully disappointing myself.

This year, we've had a bike accident, car accident, a neighbor died right outside our dining room window, friends have abruptly had to move away, and the kids have major transitions to navigate in coming months. Add to that the normal sort of crazy that is part of living. Every part of our lives feels unsettled, odd, and unstable. It was driving me crazy.

I'm just going to go with it.  I can't predict what will happen next politically, socially or personally, so I'm not going to try for a bit.  Call it embracing madness, going with the flow, or surrendering.  It's a lesson in not having control that I assume many of us need.  It helps us see what we can and cannot influence, who we trust and don't, it also reminds us that adaptation, like fighting,  is always a choice.

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