Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wishes for the long night

Happy, happy Winter Solstice to you! As in all years in which something terrible happens just before we celebrate, I am reminded that the solstice is celebrated because we must remember the power of hope and of light.

The night of the winter solstice is long, dark, and cold in many places. The darkness of winter nights, and this one, in particular, lasts so long.  The difference between the longest night and the warmth and light of the shortest night are stark. The sun, however, always rises, no matter how long or dark the night.  Darkness isn't forever.

In fighting against less tangible forms of darkness, we must hope, trust, and work.  Unlike the rotation of the Earth, changing metaphoric darkness requires our energy, action, and resolve. It cannot happen without us.  This season gives us the opportunity to appreciate the power and the weakness of darkness, but it is also a time to rest, to find our own strength, to strengthen our relationships, and to practice hope.

Rest tonight. Light your candles. Sing songs. Celebrate.  Explore how little light can make darkness less.  Love. Tomorrow, it is time to bring light to the world.

I leave you with my blessings for this holiday.  I bless you with my hope, so that it might be added to yours. I blend my light with yours, so that it covers more of the world. I bless you with my love, so that you are warm.  Enjoy all this season has to offer with joyful heart and eyes full of wonder.

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