Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Superhero undies

Some days, my superhero undies are all that get me through.  I've found a tiara, as sparkly and empowering as it is, isn't really practical while dealing with sobbing children of any age (and many days, I'm dealing with very large children who don't behave as well as very small children do). It also doesn't safe while driving around sunny days (blinding other drivers is BAD). My darling husband, in his infinite paranoia, has refused me a cape (I think a black and pink one with SB for Super Bitch would be perfect). See that GIF? My husband actually does that whenever I mention capes, so superheroes on my panties have got to do.


This week has been a tough one.  I've had hay fever of cartoonish proportions.  Eyes that literally stream and sneezing hard enough to fall over isn't as funny in real life.  The baby has had tummy issues, which means she also cries, a lot.  The eight year old spent the week freaking out over a field trip he didn't want to go on, and my teenager has been having trouble with bullies and grades.  On top of that, Colin has been busy after work helping other people with their car issues. The housework has piled up, and frankly, I need a little inspiration (or a stiff drink) to attempt dealing with any of these things.

My undies have long been tools for magic.  Come to think of it, I was terribly fond of my Wonder Woman underwear when I was five (and who wouldn't want to to be just like her?). They made me feel strong. I've worn tiger stripes and leopard spots to job interviews,  red silk for final exams, black lace to feel sexy, and pink polka dots to remind myself that I shouldn't be too serious.  It's exactly like wearing an amulet or talisman.  Underwear are pretty private, affordable, and easily customized.  They're actually pretty perfect as a private, blank magical canvas.

We all need a way to focus our intentions and remind ourselves of our goals.  There are many ways to do this, and symbols only work if they speak to us. These messages to ourselves need only be known to us.  A charm bracelet, an affirmation in locket, or a mojo bag are all common for the task. Superhero underwear helps me remember that I often manage to do more than I think I'm capable of, that I'm strong (it also doesn't hurt that they also make me smile about the fact that I've got a secret that is so silly).  If something resonates with you, use it; it will work far better than anything you find in someone else's spell book.

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