Friday, February 26, 2016

The emotional closet of unhealthy emotions

Do you ever struggle to "let it go"? I find myself in this position pretty regularly. I fully acknowledge that holding on to hurts, anger, disappointment, past mistakes, and so on is terrible for my health and well being, but I also acknowledge that the past shapes our today. This can be quite the conundrum.

Right now, I'm working on trying to move past all of this. Of course, much like trying to clean out a closet full of junk (I use this analogy because we're all pretty familiar with cleaning up), you have to roll up your sleeves, unpack those boxes, and assess what you've got. It takes time, energy, and strength; much like dealing with the physical clutter of our lives, dealing with the past often had to wait until we have the resources available to attempt it.

I'm opening up old thoughts and emotions. I'm assessing their value and truthfulness, and in deciding that some bits of my past are ready to be let go, while others need to be, finally, put to use. It's exhausting, for certain, but I can't wait anymore. These things weigh me down, sap my energy, and prevent a good many things from moving forward, not just for me. I don't want to do this, but the only other viable alternatives involve permanently ignoring these emotions or dragging them around, in their inconvenient, heavy boxes, forever. Ugh!

Letting negativity go is a good thing for us, when it is not being used to white wash problems, rewrite the past, or deny valid feelings that desperately need to be dealt with.  It's best to unpack all of our emotional boxes, sort them, clean up any messes we find, and relabel things rather than throw it all out or cram it all back into the darkest recesses of our minds.  It's work that must be approached with the intention of embracing what is and of being willing to let go of what no longer serves us and is holding us back from growing into the strongest, healthiest version of ourselves.

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