Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gratitude and attitude

Diaper changing is a weird task to be doing when inspiration strikes. The other day, my happy baby started fussing, and I discovered that her diaper was absolutely full of poo. We gathered our supplies, and a moment later, the dirty job was done. Aislinn smiled and giggled and cooed in happiness.

After the smiled turned to curiosity about her fingers or the ceiling or whatever caught her attention, I had a moment. Her gratitude transformed an icky chore into something else. My attitude about dirty diapers isn't bad. They are simply part of life, and it's not usually a big deal to take care of them. This one, however, was a joy. Her happiness and grateful attitude were infectious, and my heart soared.

The rest of that day was beautiful and happy, and I am now trying to appreciate diaper changes. They make her happy, and I can choose to share that happiness rather than see the task as chore I'd rather not do.  Our attitudes make such a difference in how we perceive everything from our everyday tools to pain to our emotional well-being. Making a conscious choice to find something to be grateful for, something bright, something fun can make all the difference in our lives.

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