Friday, October 2, 2015

Grounding children, not like that

Aiden has recently learned to ground himself, thanks to Heather.  She walked him through a visualization that made perfect sense to him, and it has really helped with his wildness, his attitude, and his mood.  He left Heather's side after the visualization and stretched out on the couch to read peacefully (which is not a normal sight).  It was amazing, and a little annoying. I've tried and tried to get him to mediate, visualize, or just breathe.

It's easy to forget that kids might have trouble processing the energies and emotions around them, because they appear to move on from things so quickly.  They often can't tell us what exactly they need, and we, as caregivers, are often distracted by the multitude of needs and desires they need us to take care of.

Really, many of us forget to ground ourselves, as well. We suck up all of the energies around us, and they influence us, but we don't always stop and think about them.  When we do, it's because we are overwhelmed.

I'm going to go forward from this trying to remember that he needs more down time, even if it is taken in two minute segments.  So far, it means less yelling and arguing, and more moments when we can all get what we need.

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