Friday, October 9, 2015

Being healthier

The word health can apply to many things, and because of that, it had developed many subtle connotations. There is nothing that you can point to as the shining example of health, but many of us strive for it. I've discovered that I search for healthier rather than health, because it's attainable, tangible, and progressive.

In all aspects of my life, I am working to be healthier. I've stopped looking for health, a stopping point, and started embracing the journey to wherever this is going. It's a process that will not ever be done. 

Sometimes, this means I focus on creating a healthier environment, both in my home and in the broader world. I try to make healthier food choices. I try to practice healthier behaviors. I practice spirituality that is healthier for me. This is all ongoing, dynamic, and full of growth. It also helps me remember that a setback isn't failure, there are always chances to make better choices, and that there is always room for improvement.

Often, when we make goals, we are too focused on the end result. Once we attain that goal, it's ready to slip back into our old way of thinking or doing. We can also fail to reach goals because we don't feel any closer to attainment. By choosing to focus on the journey, the process, we build in self forgiveness, change, and a lifetime of being healthier.

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