Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The realization

Five little cotton bodysuit, twelve tiny washcloths, and a nursing bra hanging over the bath tub dripping wet was all it took for me to feel like the earth suddenly shifted under my feet on Sunday. After months of morning sickness, doctors visits, seven ultrasounds, and a ton of hormones, this was the thing that drove home the fact that I am going to be a mother again.

I'll admit I got weepy (it readily doesn't take much these days). I felt scared, and my heart started pounding. This is the last trimester, and sooner than it seems, our little one will be here in our arms, not safely tucked away in my womb.

It's funny that sometimes the things that make us realize our lives are chasing aren't the big purchases, grand events, or even the physical confirmation of the pending change, but the tiny details that could so easily go unnoticed. When I got married, that moment came when I looked down the long aisle to where Colin stood. When I was pregnant with Gavin, it was the ultrasound. Aiden suddenly became real when the cat started cuddling with my growing belly.

In real life, unlike the movies, the moments that change everything rarely have center stage. They come while we are doing the wash, having ordinary conversations, and even running around like crazy chickens trying to get through our list of errands. 

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