Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summer and Autumn

The weather here has been strange. One day, it's over 100°, and the next, we're all searching for our sweaters. The Belladonna or Naked Ladies bloomed and abruptly faded weeks ago, when normally, we'd see them decorating the shady places of the areas for another couple of weeks. Some of the trees are trading their green for gold, while spring flowers are sprouting in some of my flower pots. I saw geese flying south in July, but the squirrels seem unconcerned with preparing for winter. The bees are gone. The ants are busy, desperately so.

Summer and Autumn seen to be tussling for dominance, but neither appears to have the upper hand. The air is still, and our normal ocean breezes have bypassed us. The soil is dry, and even done the hardy weeds seem stressed. I hope that El Nino brings us some relief this winter, even if it means the inconvenience of flooded storm drains and sliding hillsides. California could use all the help we can get.

I'd like to wish you all a happy Mabon, a bountiful harvest, and I send my love and fertility to the earth beneath my feet now. It's time to collect what's grown, remove what's finished, and prepare for a season's rest and a refreshed spring.  Please take a moment to bless the earth, to welcome the wind and the water, and even the fire, if that's what your area needs.  It can use all the love and help it can get from us.

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