Monday, September 28, 2015

I will not mourn the loss of childhood

This weekend, Gavin (who will be 13 in February) helped me do some baby related cleaning. He lifted, hauled, reached, scrubbed, and crouched for me when my general shortness (I'm 5'1", he's currently about 5'7", with much farther to go) and advanced pregnancy made things difficult. Not only was it a huge physical help, but it showed his understanding of what needs to be done and his maturity. I am so proud of him. I loved him as an infant and a small child, but I am really thrilled for him to be this age- one that is on the cusp of leaving childhood and entering the teen years.

Watching a child grow from helpless infant to precocious child to awkward pre-teen is a long and fascinating journey. You can see the development of personality, the acquisition of language, and the foundations that will become their lives. You also get to see how a tiny body matures into a full functional one. You get to see setbacks and triumphs, struggles and easy victories. It is as amazing a story as any best selling novel or blockbuster film.

I enjoyed my time with son when he was small, but I am enjoying this more. I will not mourn the loss of his childhood because it takes away from ask he is doing and becoming right now. This is a gift I can give him: my presence in this moment, and it is one I give gladly. 

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