Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A summer without bees

In early spring, I had high hood for my little garden. I had plans for dealing with the drought, new plants in the pots, and lots of enthusiasm. My garden didn't yield much beyond a pint of blackberries.

At first, when I saw the garden wasn't thriving, I rearranged the pots. Then I weeded and fertilized. I even watered a bit more. The tissues and herbs grew taller, but I had nothing to harvest, even a month post when I should have seen it.

What's wrong? What happened? What did I do wrong? Then I realized one afternoon, what want right. There were no bees, no ants, and no crickets. The insects were give, the birds were less frequent visitors than they typically were, and my plants that depends on pollinate species were on their own. I began watching intensely. There were no bees in my apartment complex. I saw the occasional wasp, but neither of the bee species were anywhere to be found, not even as corpses, which I had seen earlier in the year.

Us humans, with our collective fear of creepy crawlies, are causing real harm to the world. We need to be more aware of how things are connected, what consequences or actions have, and what we can do.  To start, I recommend reading Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" for background. Then I suggest researching the effects that common chemicals have on the environment. The time to act is now, before the damage is irreversible. We all can have a positive impact, and starting small makes changing habits far easier.

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