Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The busy spell

May is insanity. It's meetings, concerts, events, trainings, holidays, and other hoopla all squished into thirty one short days. I'm writing this while sitting in the car, waiting to drop my eldest off for concert warm-up. I just ate dinner in the car, and I completed my makeup with the help of the side mirror. This all feels pretty silly, but given the insanity of the month, it's been pretty typical.

Isn't it amazing what you can get used to? I stopped thinking was all unusual until I stopped about thought about it. I stopped thinking about things because I got to busy to deal with the absurdity of my situation.

Busy, I have realized in the last year, is a mask for almost anything. It covers up reality and makes it's think things that aren't necessarily true.  So now, I find myself waking up from the busy spell in an unfamiliar world. Hopefully, this summer, I can make way back to my world, including this blog.

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