Monday, April 6, 2015

Hearts everywhere!

Saturday, we went to the beach under the Pigeon Point lighthouse.  It was a warm, sunny, beautiful day. The kids and I gathered hag stones and sea glass. We looked for grey whales (they are known to nurse their calves offshore here), and we admired the velella that wash up on shore.  My husband worked on his photography. It was lovely, calm and fun.

I kept finding hearts on the beach.  My husband found me a hag stone with a heart shaped hole in it. I found several small pieces of green glass that make little tiny hearts.  I even saw a heart shaped cloud.  I'm not normally drawn to hearts, so I don't notice them. I have friends who notice them everywhere, but that's not me.

I guess I'm supposed to be thinking about love.  Either that, or need to have my heart checked.

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