Friday, March 6, 2015

Faery Therapy

As I try to heal from my depression, I have tried many different avenues. Most of them have been unsuccessful on any level, which sometimes happens.  The last week or so, I've been trying something else. I'm calling it Faery Therapy.

Each day, after I've been away from my husband and kids for a while, but before I go pick the little guy up from school, I pull out Brian Froud's Faerie Oracle (and sometimes the Heart of Faerie Oracle as well). I shuffle the cards while asking for something to work on to be happy.  Then I pull three to five cards, lay them out on my bed, and read the meanings of the cards.

The last few days have been very helpful. I've been encouraged to dream, to free myself from entanglements, to draw boundaries, and in some cases, I've gotten very specific examples of how I can do these.  Faeries are very insightful, sometimes difficult to understand, but many are also beings full of creative, loving help for us, if only we will ask.

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