Thursday, March 12, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, the internet had a bit of a furor over a dress. Some people argued that it was blue and black. Others saw white and gold.  People got into heated debates over it.  Personally, I thought the whole thing was stupid; the dress was ugly and the lighting was so bad that I hesitated to say it was either set of colors.

It turns out that the dress was blue with black lace.  Due to poor lighting, individual color perceptions and monitor settings, and people's ability to discount what they are actually seeing, we got a new internet meme.  In reading an article about the dress and the science of color perception, I got a flash on intuition: we all discount things, and we all do it for our reasons.

We all discount things we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell.  We can't possibly process every bit of information that our senses can detect, so we carve out bits of the world to experience and create our individual realities.  We ignore what's around us on purpose at times and unconsciously the rest.  There may be thousands of scents and colors and tastes and touches around us all the time, but we only pay attention to a few to prevent madness, but also to allow us to concentrate on those things which are likely to have the most effect on us.

Our spiritual lives are no different.  There is so much going on around us, not only physically, but emotionally, psychically, energetically, and psychologically.  We choose where our attention goes, and we effectively negate the rest. If we aren't focused on the right things, we find ourselves surprised by things when we are forced to acknowledge those pieces of the reality around that we ignored.  this why it's so important to occasionally challenge our own beliefs and assumptions and consciously try to look for what we've been blinded to.

There are many ways to break out of our self created realities: mediation, perspective skewing (some people like to hang upside down or purposely overload their senses or even try new experiences), empathizing, other-world journeying, and  even hallucination (you can check out my thoughts on the use of drugs for spiritual purposes here).  whatever you try, be safe and be open. You  may find that your world is not what you thought it was, or you may learn something new.  Spiritual growth thrives on those moments in which we find ourselves out of our element and exploring new territory.

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