Monday, March 16, 2015


I spent a good chunk of the weekend making my kitchen sparkle.  It's that time of year. The fridge got cleaned, reorganized, and now has a wardrobe (don't ask).  The grout is white again (whoever decided that that tile and grout didn't need sealing obviously has never attempted to clean it). The cabinets are reorganized; the cabinet faces are washed, and all of the silverware is back in the right baskets.

It was exhausting!  My arm hurts from trying to scrub things like the inside of the stove hood, and I'm afraid to use the kitchen for cooking. It might get messy!  At the same time, the energy in there is different. It's inviting, cheerful.  The bathroom got similar treatment, thanks to my husband.  Now, if I can summon the energy and courage to attack my bedroom and the living room in similar fashion, we'll be nearly done (except the boys' room, which makes me shudder to think of stepping in there).  Spring cleaning will be finished, then I can air, smudge and break up the energy blockages. It will feel like a new place.

Spring always makes me feel like I should be doing something. It's harder once the trees get leaves to be comfortable watching t.v., reading for long hours, or even fiddling around.  I hope your Spring Equinox preparations are going well, and I also hope that you get a dose of this magical energy that inspires, activates, and makes us change.


  1. You said don't ask, but you know I will. What wardrobe does the fridge now have?

  2. My husband and I made flannel fridge liners (to help catch some of the stuff that falls down through the shelves and to catch spills). I have blue and white stripes and little blue stars in the fridge. They are awfully cute.

  3. That is certainly an interesting idea. I have glass shelves which solves that problem, but then you have to almost constantly wipe the shelves. Sox of one half dozen of the other. Lol

  4. I have a mix of shelving with a weird depression in the bottom that collects nasty stuff. So far, these seem to be working, and the flannel was really inexpensive since it's all on reduced pricing around here. I think I spent less than $10 for the whole project.


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