Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chaos and absurdity

Heather and I make chaos and absurdity, especially if we are in the same room.  We find it all very amusing, but the people around us, save for Aiden, get exhausted.  Colin tends to fall asleep listening to us, which is a feat, because we are loud.  Gavin sits back and shakes his head.  Aiden soaks it all up and adds some his own chaos to the mix.

As fun as this all is, we do have to stop and find some calm afterwards. We get worn out, and filled with ideas and energy that are only useful later, when we've spent some time thinking and feeling our way through.

In any time of chaos, we can find the first glimmers of new ideas, new projects, and better ways of doing things, but we can't often make them into  anything lasting until we add some calm contemplation.

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