Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Spinning like a top

Last night, a year's worth of heartache with my husband's family came around again.  Whatever my mother-in-law said to my husband last week, just earned her banishment.  My husband has reached his limit with her, and told her not to call anymore.  Almost exactly one year ago, I reached mine and drew my boundary lines.

As someone who hates to do things over and over again without purpose or reward, I don't understand why some people repeat the same pattern of behavior when they've already been punished for it.  I also don't like to feel like I'm simply spinning around in place. I can appreciate cycles, but I think they should indicate some forward motion as well.

Hopefully, this top like motion with my in-laws ends now. My husband and I are committed to trying to make a life without excess drama and hurt in it.  Of course, we've never had to do this before, so it will be interesting to see where we end up.

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