Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sleeping single

I remember there being a country song about "sleeping single in a double bed."  This week, I am.  My husband is off to training, and I have the entire bed to myself, which is both nice and not.

On the nice side, I get to sleep diagonal, which makes Colin cranky when I do when he's in bed, too. On the down side, I get used to taking up the top half of the bed, which will make this weekend less fun.  My new, slippery sheets don't smell like man funk or motor oil, but they are chilly without him and his radiating heat.  I don'[t have to listen to him snore, and at the same time, I find that every little noise bothers me when he's not here.

After seventeen-ish years of sleeping int he same bed, it's hard to get used to sleeping alone.  It's only temporary, though.  Isn't it funny how much things can annoy us and still be necessary to our well-being?  

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