Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pulling teeth is easier than this

Monday night exploded when my husband got home. The kids, who had been rather quiet, while still being annoying, sudden;y decided to melt down.  My husband, tired and sore from working all day, didn't respond well to this, and the whole evening got dramatic, quickly.

Aiden wanted constant attention, and cried piteously when we were trying to deal with Gavin's issue.  He's suddenly refused to spend anytime by himself, and this is wearing us all out.  Gavin is having problems with another kid who is harassing him at school, and it took almost an hour to pry the source of his angst out of him. One kid crying crocodile tears, one kids alternating between sobbing hysterically and yelling, dinner on the stove, housework to be done, an the composition of an email to a teacher to deal with the bully, made for a crazy night.  My husband, turned to me after I managed to find out what Gavin's problem was, and said, "Dentists don't have to work this hard at pulling teeth."  I couldn't help but laugh.  At least the dentists can knock out their patients, while that is frowned on in parenting.

Some days, the only thing that saves me is the absurd observations made by members of my family.  If you can re-frame every incident to seem like it belongs in a comic strip or a comedy show, its much harder to wallow in anger and frustration. It doesn't do a thing for the exhaustion, though.

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