Monday, December 15, 2014

Mistletoe hunting- a comedy

'Tis the season for holly and mistletoe, at least of you don't live here.  I've been looking for some for a few weeks, because I wan'ted it for a spell.  I thought it would be no big deal to buy some at tree lot or a florist or even the grocery store when the boys scouts set up there booth.  How wrong I was.

It's funny, sort of, now that I have my sprigs in hand.  I tried six local shops since Friday.  Nobody had it.  So, a little research uncovered that mistletoe is found abundantly in California oaks and walnuts.  I was so excited!  We have oaks and walnuts everywhere.  After a few reference pictures, I was able to spot some in many trees as we drove past, but unfortunately, the little leaves tend to be twenty to forty feel off the ground, which isn't helpful.  A helpful ACE Hardware employee (they really live up to their slogan at our local store) told me that a local Catholic cemetery hand some near ground level, but we weren't able to find it (I think someone already harvested it).  We decided to try around one of the state parks.  After a hike on some really slick mud (you know it's slippery when the horse's are leaving hoof prints with slide marks) and an encounter with a very fat and angry tit, we finally found our treasure. Woo hoo!   Cutting it was a bit anti-climatic. There was so much of it, I harvested ten or twelve sprigs in a couple of minutes.

Heading home, there was a branch on the side of the road, full of mistletoe and freshly fallen from an oak. D'oh!  We laughed anyhow. Then, Sunday, Gavin ran to the grocery store for me and returned with news: the boys scouts were selling mistletoe two blocks from home.  I'm always a head of the curve, aren't I?

At least I know where to go for mistletoe if I want it next year, right?  

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  1. Hubby tells about shooting it out of trees since it is usually so high up.


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