Friday, December 5, 2014

Friends you can count on

I'm the friend that everyone counts on. I'm the one who can and does drop everything to help with a wide variety of things (because my husband is supportive and my kids are compassionate).  One friend is most likely to call for advice on picking out paint. Another needs me to help her talk through her feelings. Some friends call me when they need answers to weird questions or want to know what home remedy is best for a bee sting.  I'm also the one who handles crises, while smiling for their kids.  Last night, I dealt with a couple of these, but found myself out of my depth.  The answer I needed to help my friend find wasn't in any of my comfort zones. I tried calling my mom, but she was in bed (that's what I get for trying to call after midnight her time). The internet wasn't super helpful, and the situation was not clearly an emergency, so professionals were a little out of the realm of reason.  Sudden inspiration struck, and I texted a friend who did have some answers, a level head, a lot of sympathy, and good advice, just as soon as she got her daughter to bed.

The situation my friend is facing is terrible, and I feel helpless, uncertain, and it brings up a lot of my own anxieties and issues.  The friend I called helped, and I went to bed last night thinking about how amazing some of friends are.  I have friends who would take care of my kids if anything should happen to my husband and I. They have dealt with my kids when I was sick or hurt or in labor (while said children barfed on them).  They pick up the phone late at night and answer weird, uncomfortable questions, and they really, really give me a lot of their love.

I wasn't blessed with the sister I always wanted, but I have some amazing women in my life anyhow, who I love every bit as much as if they were my sisters.  Lucky me, right?

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