Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't trust the T.V.

Every time California has an issue, I get a call form my mom to see if it's really as bad as it seems on the television. The answer is invariably no.  The Sonoma quake didn't destroy the Bay Area, it did substantial damage in Sonoma and Napa, but most of us just got a rough awakening.   This storm is bad.  The Bay Area is a low lying region and many cities and towns struggle to deal with drainage during wet weather.  Schools are closed as precautions. Sandbag stations are being advertised to help us all take care of ourselves, and some of us are prepared top deal with power outages, should they occur.  Of course, all of this is pretty small potatoes compared to the flooding we saw eight years ago.  We're coping, and that is the important news.

I feel like we, as a society, should stop trusting the sensationalist media that dominates the airwaves.  They are spreading fear and lies and panic when a little more information and some calm would go a lot further.  The news doesn't challenge the status quo, it doesn't investigate situations that are clearly in need of it, and they aren't even helpful now.

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