Friday, December 19, 2014

Different ways of seeing

Heather called last night while I was laying in bed with an ice pack on my head and trying not to throw up due to a migraine.  She chatted with my husband for a few before asking if he could remember a message (his memory is notoriously spotty, so we don't trust it for everything). I told him to switch the phone to speaker so I could listen to Heather.  She'd been to a sound bath healing and wanted to share what she experienced, especially since it had to do with my spirit guides.

The thing that strikes me to day about it, is how differently we perceive these beings.  She sees colors and people, I see symbols (animals, sometimes objects, occasionally, people) and feel masses of energy.  Her guides aren't smart asses, but the guide I work with most often is as likely to tell me to pull my head out of ass, in those terms, as he is to explain something. Her's are more polite.  She also associates different colors with them than I do, probably because we perceive the energies of colors differently, as well.

All of this reminds me that we need to trust our intuition when it comes to energy work.  One image, one method, one meaning does not and cannot fit all. There should always be room for you to interpret things outside of whatever sources you use as reference.

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