Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Children's spells

My children have reached the point at which they have decided to learn about witchcraft and paganism. Obviously, living with me their entire lives, they have picked up some things, but they want to learn more.

I find myself at little lost in the idea of teaching them. I've looked into books, but really haven't found one geared towards Paganism and not Wicca that meets their needs.  It looks like I will be making this up as I go.

The questions have become "What do I teach them?" and "What do I let them learn on their own?", and I don't really have a clear idea of either.  There are big ideas and little spells, to include, but there is also the basics for safe spirituality that need to be covered.  There are stories I have told them, and that I'll likely write out for them, and little charms that we use frequently.  A basic list of useful herbs and common plants is a must. Sabbat explanations and moon phases would be useful, but there is so much out there to think about, and every time
I try to outline the project, I get overwhelmed.

What would you teach?  If you were to write a spell book for a child in your life, what would you include and what would you leave out?

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