Thursday, November 6, 2014


I've been sick, really sick, for nine days now. I'm just beginning to feel human again, but I'm still incredibly exhausted.  This virus really hit me hard.

Medication wasn't helpful. Home remedies were only taking the edge off the illness, and more than once, I contemplated going to the emergency room for treatment (of course, I didn't because sleeping took less effort).  I was miserable and weak and so tired that even sleep didn't feel restful.  All I could do was try to rest and stay hydrated.

Rest is a powerful thing. It can heal us, restore our energy, and give us perspective.  I think it's pretty underrated as medicine for both body and soul.  It's something we need, desperately when we are ill, stressed or strained, but too often, we ignore our need for rest to accommodate some other seemingly important work.

The lesson I've learned from being sick is that I need to make time for rest on a regular basis.  Without it, I'm prone to illness and low energy levels. i can get more done if I make time to be well.  I hope you regularly take time to rest, rejuvenate and reflect; it's a power filled act to give yourself permission to be well.


  1. I agree that lots of time we discount the healing power of rest. I think a lot of that happens to mothers of young children. There's so much you have to do for them, and even older children with driving them here and there we don't have or take time to rest.

  2. Thanks, Ila. Motherhood makes rest seem like it's unimportant, but it is so necessary. Thanks for the comment.


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