Monday, November 10, 2014

Acceptance and healing

I have had two really, really bad meltdowns recently. The strain from all the things in my life that aren't going well has left me depressed, angry, and exhausted, and recently, it's begun to pour out in dramatic ways.

My husband has been really been my hero through all this.  He's found a way to help that is beautifully simple: he holds me and offers to take some of my pain to carry, and then he encourages me to say what I'm angry about, no matter how petty, old, or complicated it might be.  Being able to say what I feel, and still feel loved has been amazingly healing.  It is indescribably wonderful to know that he still loves me, regardless of what I feel is liberating and empowering. It also allows me to understand what I feel and why in ways I couldn't on my one when I couldn't even say things out loud.

Healing often comes in unexpected forms, and I'm learning that person who has been next to me for years, not only understands me like no one else does, he also accepts me for everything I am.  He may not agree, but he allows me to be who I am, feel what I feel, and say what I need to get out into the open without judgement, and with a  great deal of love.


  1. Wonderful post. My hubby has been ill for awhile now, and I have always been the strong one. But, when my health began to deteriorate, he was there for me every moment of the way. When I called him from the ER crying about a nodule in my lungs, he was there by my side in a blink of an eye. Thank goodness it was benign, but other health matters have cropped up and he has been my strength.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I'm so glad you're alright, and that you had support during your time of need.


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