Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Strawberry Shortcake

Aiden likes to watch Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventures. It might seem like an odd choice for a little boy who loves cars, Lego's, and watching things explode (I am so glad Mythbusters is not currently available on Netflix), but he has a great reason for it.  He noticed that her world isn't perfect, and her relationships aren't either, but Strawberry is always willing to work on fixing things and to try to politely resolve problems.  Pretty perceptive, right?

In life, feelings get hurt, problems arise, and communications go astray.  These can lead to negativity, feels of hopelessness, and rude behavior, but it doesn't have to.  Last week, my husband's dinner was only half cooked when we went out to eat.  He alerted the waiter, more in case there was problem with the oven than anything else, and the waiter and the manager both kept asking what he needed to make it right. My husband was done eating, so he wasn't worried about a replacement, it wasn't a food that was prone to food born illness, and he wasn't upset.  He was simply concerned that something had gone wrong and that someone needed to know.  He was polite, gracious, and understanding- to the point that the staff seemed surprised at his attitude.  Aiden told me the next day that Daddy was "Strawberry nice".  I pointed out to him that he had the choice to behave like that when he had problems.

I need these little glimpses into my kids' worldviews. Not only do they make me feel better about how the kids are growing, they also give me tools to communicate more effectively with them.  Even more than the understanding, I get reminders about how I can choose to deal with my life.


  1. I love this example of what makes an impression on our children. Sometimes we forget that we need to be aware of what our children watch and be sure it sends the right message. This show seems to be one that promotes a positive attitude.

  2. Thanks, Ila! I've found that what they take away from the media they interact with isn't always in line with what its intended message was. I'm just grateful that they can teach me things.


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