Friday, October 3, 2014

Human rights and paganism

It's been a crummy week full of a variety of physical discomforts, emotional upheavals, and interpersonal conflicts. I'm feeling pretty drained, and up until 10 minutes ago, I was pretty hopeless, too.  It's amazing how someone else's perspective on issues can really help us refocus our own and restore our faith in what we believe in.

On Facebook, a local pagan writer, who is not only a vocal advocate for many social justice issues, but is also a social worker, made a great point about Pagan communities being too focused on themselves when there is bigger spiritual and social and society work to be done.  I've had the though before, but I hesitated to get put out there.  We need to stop focusing only on our issues, and get out there and fight for human rights.  If you don't want to see the so-called Big Name Pagans representing us for their own agenda and often monetary benefit, we need to start discussing how we are going to be integrated into our larger communities.

It's not enough to focus on how we react to racism, sexism, abuse, and power struggles in the pagan sphere when the whole world is suffering from these things. We aren't separate from the rest of humanity or the rest the world, and it's time to remember that and act on it.  When we fight for human rights, for a healthy environment, and social justice, we are addressing the issues in our smaller  communities, too, but most importantly, we are affirming that there is nothing in this world that is truly isolated from the rest of it.

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