Monday, October 6, 2014

Brain explosions

Aiden's brain exploded today, and all of his ideas came out.  He spent two and a half hours talking nonstop about the drought, protecting gray wolves (Sierra Club, your solicitation letter has so fascinated him that we will be mailing a check tonight), helping homeless people, his future building business, canned food drives (he will be hounding student leadership tomorrow to find out if they are doing one), pollution, why you need to stand up for your friends, manners, my employment history, and what the word policy means.  I've only managed to follow about a third of what he's said.

Since he is blissfully quiet right now, except for the occasional "Mama, what does ___ mean?" as he reads,  I'm feeling a little dizzy and very amused.  His brain explosions are pretty similar to mine.  I'm sure Heather and Colin only catch about half of what I ramble about when my brain explodes. You guys get the rest of those explosions.

Sometimes, its fun to get a glimpse of myself by way of my children.  It's also a good reminder that what we do as parents matters- we are helping our children create the worldviews they will use to navigate their entire lives- and that is no small thing.  I'm off to clean up the brain explosion.

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