Thursday, October 9, 2014

A game of dodge everything

One sage piece of advice that goes for every Mercury retrograde period is: be careful.  It had come in very handy today.

I've been having a quintessentially MR day. My lunch date canceled 40 minutes after I got there due to a sick kid.  I nearly squashed a guy who was jay walking (okay, running) across a busy street, then I nearly hit another car who got impatient and tried to whip around me when I slammed on the brakes to avoiding smooshing the guy.  I got stuck behind a garbage truck AND a mail truck on a narrow,  winding road.  Then I  was held up by the same road being reduced to one lane for tree trimming.  I've dropped a bunch of stuff.  Forgotten to send messages,  and tripped on a rug.  I'm starting to feel like I should be wrapped in bubble wrap and locked in my room for everyone's safety.

I hope you are all having a less dangerous day,  and I'd like to remind you to be extra cautious for a couple weeks. Slowing down,  paying close attention to the works around us,  and trusting or intuition is vital to getting through peeps like this unscathed.

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