Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Transformation via irritation

Life often rubs us the wrong way.  It can irritate and frustrate and demean us until every little irritation feels like a strong slap to the face. I had one of those evenings.  The paper the school wanted me to sign was stupid. The band rules were ridiculous (three pages of policies for middle school band, for crap's sake, I had syllabi shorter than that in college), and we'd had some bad news (think happy nursing home placement thoughts for Heather's mom, please).  I was prickly, crabby, and my hair looked a lot like a blonde wrong way rubbed fur, and there were still several hours between me and bedtime.

I will admit that these moods are typically very productive:  I get mad, I get energized, and I get stuff done.  Sometimes I just discover new ways to be a pain in the ass (I like discovering these). The best times are when I have a wonderful awful ideas. Wonderful awful ideas are fun; they are the space where creativity meets subversion, and then, they create an avenue for change.  Unfair policies can inspire people to run for office (thankfully, not me, but two ladies I really like and admire are running for two of the three seats up for election here). An unfilled, yet pressing need, can start a movement, a business or a charity. Words we can't say can give birth to beautiful art that transcends the barriers of language.  Our irritations, frustrations, fears, and moments of disgust are powerful if we fill ourselves with the momentum and energy and use our experiences and talents to transform it all into something else.

Those days that have us snarling at the whole world can be start of a new creation. Let the world rub you the wrong way from time to time. Acknowledge all of the negativity, and then become the cauldron of transformation.  When you give birth to your creation, you will also give birth to a new part of yourself and make a difference in the world.  Don't worry about how small or powerless you feel, just hold onto that energy just long enough to do something productive with it.

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