Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tintinnabular- the sound of bells

Here is  a word we all probably don't need to know: tintinnabular.  It describes the playing or ringing of bells.  I discovered it was the word of the day on the other day, and found it useful.  I've been having tintinnabular experiences for about a year, and I couldn't find an adequate word for them. This is perfect.

From time to time, I hear bells following me around. These aren't like the ringing in the your ears noises that come from too much noise or a blow to the head. These are tiny, melodic chimes that create a discernible melody that repeats. It sounds a lot like wind chimes, if they had a melody.  I hear it when I'm alone. I hear it weaving in and out of the music on the speakers, and I hear when others are around. It can be unsettling or comforting, but it isn't constant.

I've felt, for a while, that these events are something otherworldy.  They don't fit the criteria for a medical condition. They don't have an obvious pattern that I can identify, but no one else hears them, except Heather.  I've tried researching omens about sounds, but the folklore varies so wildly that it's useless.  The last period of bells was preceding my miscarriage. The one prior was last September, during which I can't recall anything very important happening in my life.  I do tend to see more household spirits when I hear the bells, but not consistently.

Have you had an experience with ghostly sounds or bells or music?  How do you interpret these?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings.

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  1. That sounds like such a delightful experience. Much Bette than the tinnitus that I am plagued with.


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