Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Threads that sew us together

I have been unusually social the last couple of weeks.  Usually a play date or an outing with my friends happens once a month.  This week, I went to a late lunch with a friend on Saturday. Aiden and I had a play date with a friend of mine and her kids yesterday, and I had a long breakfast with a friend this morning.  On top of this, I've been networking with people at a non-stop rate for PTA business, community rabble rousing, two friends' school board campaign, and a project. I feel like such a social butterfly, which is not my usual mode of operation, trust me.

The funny part of all this, besides me being sociable, is that each of these interactions are setting the stage for something else.  The late lunch led to a revelation that two people I dread to deal with know each other and are friends, which indicates I need to be extra cautious in dealing with them (I am aware that they would love an opportunity for a coordinated attack).The play date gave me a group to contact about an idea, plus some valuable information about the process of creating something new.  Breakfast this morning was full of healing and laughter and creation, and we even made a date to it again.  People are coming into my life with purpose, old relationships are taking on new dimensions, and I'm feeling the world shift.

We are stitched, tightly or loosely to the people around us. Some of these relationships have multiple stitches that make them stronger and better. Others link us, in directly to other people.  Threads break form time to time, which allows us to remake our realities and ourselves, but even they have served an important purpose.  I hope you get a chance to ponder, attend to, and enjoy the threads that link you to your world, and I hope you know that you are sewn to mine, too.

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