Monday, September 22, 2014

The Equinox is here

Happy Mabon!  This is the time to toast the passage of summer and welcome autumn and the dark half of the year.  This year, my celebration plans have gone a bit awry, but we are adapting and stretching the celebration out.

The in-laws were her over the weekend and that messed up dinner plans yesterday. On Saturday, we stopped at Ocean beach and enjoyed the clouds, the cool air, and the sound of the tide coming in. It made me feel washed clean in a way. Yesterday, we made our weekly walk to the market and bought autumn flowers, apples, and pears. Today, I'm going to make potato soup and pull out the china for dinner. We're going to open the fresh apple cider Aiden bought at the farmer's market yesterday and have a toast. We'll light some candles and make some offerings, and tomorrow, after my PTA meeting, I will hopeful have the time and energy to do my own personal ritual.  I couldn't get all of this done in one day, so I'm going to celebrate as long as it takes for me to really feel like I've had a holiday.

May your celebration, however you choose to do it, leave you feeling full of possibility and ready to see the seasons change!

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