Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Swimming in my head

Do you ever have days when you could stay in your head and not interact with the rest of the world?  I'm having one of those. I don't feel well, so I'm not feeling any impetus to interact with the world at large. It's cozy in my head, and there's lots of neat stuff here, too.

I have so many thoughts and images floating around in here that I'd love to spend hours examining and understanding.  I wish it were easy to pluck them out and share, because some of them are pretty amazing.

At the same time, in my head is the only place I am guaranteed solitude, so maybe it's better that I can't invite you in any farther than this.  Anyhow, hopefully by tomorrow, the medications will kick in and the rest will have recharged by drained batteries so that I can get back to my regular activities and maybe even share a few of my thoughts with you.  Stay healthy and happy!


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Far too often, probably. I wonder if it's our psyche telling us something.

  2. My psyche is constantly trying to tell me stuff, I'm just a bit resistant to the messages, though.

  3. I can relate. Had the same feeling almost all my life. I guess you could say I'm not really a people person. I am truly a solitary person.


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