Monday, September 29, 2014

Presents on the door step

Sunday, my husband and I took a nap. It was delicious. The kids played quietly in their room (yes, I am equal parts shocked and grateful), and the phone only chimed once.  Days like that are miraculous.

When we got up, an hour or so later, my husband opened the front door to take his uniform shirts tot he community laundry room and almost tripped on a paper bag.  He bent over, looked inside, looked around, and then, he looked at me.  He handed the bag over, and I peeked inside.  Our friends had brought me a bag of rose hips to play with!

I'd almost forgotten that I'd asked for them. I've been meaning to make some rose hip syrup for ages, and our friends have dozens of rose bushes that aren't sprayed with anything. They'd dropped them off on our doorstep while we slept.  I'm so excited!

The rose hips are drying in the food dehydrator right now. Tonight, I'll start processing them, and maybe tomorrow, I'll make syrup.  Sometimes, the nicest presents are the ones that show us people think of us and remember what we're interested in.

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  1. Isn't it nice to get such a surprise and one that you really wanted and can use. Life is good.


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