Monday, September 8, 2014

One lusty cricket

In the last week, I haven't slept well. I'm exhausted and promptly fall asleep when I reach my bed, but after a short time, I am rudely startled awake. There is a single cricket living in my backyard, and he's lonely.

The horny little devil is playing his love song as loudly as possible in hopes of finding a mate.  The noise is very much like an off key violin recital.  A chorus of crickets, at varying distances and in a variety of tones is beautiful. A single plaintive wail is crazy making.

I don't want to kill the lonely creature (I might however try to catch it and relocate it to across the street or my awful upstairs neighbor's porch), but I am desperately seeking a female.  If I don't find one soon, my head make explode.  


  1. I hope you find a solution, soon. That sounds rough.

  2. I think the birds caught the little guy! I'm so excited to sleep again.


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