Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kissing Mercury

Heather and I, as most of you know, get up some interesting shenanigans.  We might find something new to write about, some new way to torment our kite string (aka my husband), or try a new craft project when the we get our energy together (even over the phone we sometimes make mischief together).  This week, we're both having a rough time, and scheduled breakdowns aside, we need to find a way to cope.  We're also well aware that Mercury is heading straight for a retrograde period which tends to mean we are forced to deal with our pasts in ways we don't even want to think about.  It's really hard to stay upbeat when you know this. A series of text messages that were 3 parts harassing my husband for entertainment, two parts self pity, and one part brilliant insight led to some realizations about how we want to deal with Mercury retrograde this time.

I read an interesting article by on the Darkstar Astrology blog on Mercury retrograde, and it was a great perspective changer.  Rather than painting the period as something to tip toe through, the author embraced the power of the time and invited the energy in.  We'd never really considered doing this. We always joked that we need to stock up on supplies- alcohol, sugar, a funny movie, and the vacation settings for our email.  Rather than seeing Mercury as moving backwards, we can chose, as the author did, to see Mercury tending to his Otherworld duties.  He's not just a trickster, he is a psychopomp, a reveal-er of truths, and innovator.  After all, we call a changeable, quicksilver personality mercurial for a  reason.

If we ask, he will help us navigate the Otherworlds. He will show us what we've left undone, what we don't appreciate in our lives, and  what has shaped us. Mercury is a master of upcycling because he sees possibility where most of us see trash.  He is also a being comprised entirely of in-between ideas (in anthropology we like to call these liminal spaces) and contradictions. He shows us that there is no absolutes of good and evil, only a broad spectrum in which we fit somewhere.  He can reveal hidden pathways and then bless us for the journey as the god of travelers and thieves.  Asking his help allows him to share a different energy with us than when we simply get dragged along for the ride; it gives us the opportunity to adjust our vision and see clearly so that we are not tricked in the future.

Welcome Mercury, in his less common disguise, into your life by burning mint leaves or oil, playing music ( I imagine he's pretty into modern music) and look for ways to turn what you have into something better.  Shift your perspective (Heather likes to hang upside down, but I find this to be hazardous to my health). Open the doors, spend time in shadows, and embrace those moments of transition that we have everyday (travel, thresholds, meditation, dawn, dusk, and midnight are all examples).  Mercury is one of those gods who is affectionate and playful, so give him a big kiss hello and enjoy your time with him.

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