Saturday, September 27, 2014


Being trained as an anthropologist, I rather like people (in spite of not liking many people), and I'm always fascinated by their lives.  The last week has given me an opportunity to observe my neighbors in a weird way.

The complex next to our is replacing the fences around the downstairs units' patios.  They peel off a section of rotting boards and leave the patios exposed for a time. Walking by, you get a glimpse into lives. Some people have pet houses, one guy has a motorcycle (I don't know how he got that in there); some people are gardeners, and others slobs.  It's fascinating!

How would my life look if you could peel away some of the defenses?  Would you see my home on clean day, or a dirty one. Would you see summer decorations or fall. Am I sitting at my computer typing, or am I doing the dishes. Are the kids fighting or playing?  What music are we listening to?  Do I stink as a gardener, or does my yard look lush?

How we view people is so dependent on our perspective and it is temporally and spatially bound.  Slices of our lies can be so interesting, so revealing, and yet, they can't show anyone who we are in all of our glory and folly.  I wonder, sometimes, what you see when I share parts of myself, but more often, I wonder about all of you.


  1. Interesting aspect. I don't want my layers peeled back. I would rather people see me as I want them too, just a shell of my real self.

  2. That's equally as interesting. I would rather show more of myself than let people guess.


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