Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Some days, I would like to be the evil (okay, maybe not evil, but certainly vindictive) witch of fairy tales.  I'd really like to curse some people for being so offensive.  Saturday was one of those days.  I was not in a great mood due to being behind schedule, having a messy house, and a mosquito bite right on my ear where my glasses sit. My husband was off fixing someone's car. The kids were supposed to be cleaning their room, but they were whining and fighting instead. Worse, I kept being confronted with evidence that some people are just really, really awful.  Reading the news online is sometimes a lesson in developing enough prescience to know when you should stop scrolling, and I had failed. One nasty comment from a nasty person just sent me into a funk that I had a hard time escaping.

One thought cheered me immensely, though. I nearly acted upon it.  It was almost to delicious to pass up, but it would probably earn me quite a bit of karma, though.  I nearly cursed the woman to have every nasty comment she ever uttered revisited in the form of others passing judgement and snark on her, where ever she went.  Fitting for a woman who claimed that Korea is her favorite country because abortion is illegal (and now these women can't give their babies up for adoption because a new law requires both parental signatures and is causing women to abandon babies in unsafe places), single mothers are shunned (and shamed and left with no help raising their children), and the resulting children ostracized for being born.  As far as curses go, it's a pretty good one.

It's probably a good thing magic doesn't work like it does in fantasy. Some of us, who are prone to rash, yet not completely unfounded, thoughts would be causing misery regularly.  We'd also be raking in bad karma by the dump truck load. I don't think it would help improve society mostly because we would be the bad guys, no matter how justified our hurt or anger.  Since cursing isn't nice, I'm going to have to stick with humor and the knowledge that eventually, what goes around comes around, usually in some twisted and unexpected fashion.


  1. Had a discussion tonight on Facebook with another PTO mom who apparently can't tell the difference between a spanking and a whipping. I'm disturbed that she has children. I'm glad I know no curses and that to engage in such a thing is against my personal ethics.

    I might need to put a spell on myself that repels her though. Because seriously.

  2. I love this post, especially the graphics. There are a few I would love to wish on several people. As you said, it's a good thing magic doesn't work like it's portrayed in the movies. LOL

  3. I can help with the repellent, send me an email. Some people should just be avoided for everyone's sake.

  4. Thanks for reading, Ila!

  5. Right? She felt bad for Adrian Peterson. I mean, she said he was just trying to discipline that little boy with that tree branch. And it's not like he'd done the child real harm.

    I felt like my brain exploded and fell out of my ears. I was beyond angry that anyone could look at that situation and not see abuse. Let alone the parent of young children.

    It's best if she and I have a lot of distance between us. A lot.

  6. I've had those types of conversations and what those people don't get is they lost all respectability in our eyes. In this instance, I'd fall back on my favorite curse and blessing- May you get all you deserve in life.

  7. I've always been a fan of the Southern backhanded "Bless your heart", which can be positive or negative.

    May you get all you deserve in life, may be my new favorite.


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