Monday, September 1, 2014

Conserving energy, in a magical sense

Witchcraft, for me is a way of life. It's been my way of life since I was a pre-teen. So ingrained is the practice that I often don't think about things I do, like which way I'm stirring the dinner pot and burning mint for protection.  At the same time, I don't break out the candles and incense for every problem. It's the difference between keeping a light handy and keeping the light on all the time.

Leaving the light on all the time is a waste of resources. It uses electricity, which for most of us comes from coal or natural gas, two terribly polluting sources of a resource we take for granted. Electricity also eats our money if we use too much of it.  I try to be careful with my energy consumption at home and with the car. It's not a hard concept, and after a little practice, it's not a burden, either.

I'm also learning to be conservative with the magical energies around me.  I try not invest energy in habits and activities that don't benefit me or make the world a nicer place. I look for non-magical solutions to the troubles of my life, and I think on every candle I burn at my altar. This doesn't mean I don't perform spell work, it just means I don't waste energy asking the gods or the universe for help for anything that can be solved with some common sense and labor. It seems both disrespectful and wasteful to perform a complicated weight loss spell with multiple candles, oils and other accouterments, when going for a walk and eating a little less at meals would likely yield a better result.  I might light a candle to help persuade myself that change is possible or to aid with my transformation, but I don't expect it to magically happen.

I keep a cauldron, but I don't keep it on all the time, and that is simple respect for the energies around me.  Conservation is not just for the mundane world, its a way of respecting the world around us and using only those energies that we need.  Witchcraft is about harnessing the energies and symbols around us to create new realities, but if we use it frivolously, we will create realities in which those energies and symbols are useless and meaningless to us.


  1. I find I conserve too much, and forget to draw on those resources when they'd be helpful. I really need to reach for more balance.

  2. Balance is what I strive for in all things. I'm not always successful. I've both ends of the pendulum swing. Good luck with finding your balance. I've found the longer I live this lifestyle, this belief system, the easier balance becomes.


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