Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blue hands

I spent part of Saturday trying to finish my furniture makeover project. I had a beautiful idea, but it didn't go as planned. The paint and design were incompatible. It was taking longer than anticipated, and I ended up with blue hands.

They're still blue in place. Alcohol ink is like that.  Anyhow, I'm choosing to view this as a reminder that not all accidents and missteps are bad. The cabinet is painted. The glass painting is underway. I'm still going to have a place to store my herbs, oils, resins, and seeds.  It's even going to be more personalized as I had to alter the design.  Nothing is damaged except my expectations.

Sometimes, we need to trust the process of things rather than our vision. vision can be crystal clear and beautiful, but it also tends to forget that things get messy in practice.  Process is very different. It adapts, it accepts, it builds when things are unclear or unworkable.  Sometimes we have to let go of our vision and let processing take over because vision is unclear or poorly poised to see the potholes in our roads.  It's okay to let go. It's healthy to adapt, and it's sometimes even fun.


  1. I had to learn that with my paintings. I have an idea sloshing around and it's perfect. That is until I start the actual painting. It never turns out the way I had it pictured. I too had to learn to let the paint and paper tell me what was supposed to be there.

  2. I envy those people who can see their idea and create it perfectly. Thanks for sharing, Ila!


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