Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The middle school drop off

Today was pretty momentous in our home. It is the first day of school, but not just any first day, it's a special first day.  My eldest is off to middle school for the first time. I expected to cry. I expected to be nervous. I expected a kid with an upset tummy and big, wet eyes. None of that happened,

The whole family took the little guy to elementary school, made sure he knew where is classroom was, said "Hi!" to his teacher, and left him with little more than a hug and a kiss.  He was stressed last night, but ready today. I feel very comfortable leaving him at school, and he felt comfortable being left. He's got this figured out and doesn't need me.

Gav, on the other hand, was embarking on a new adventure, and I expected more strain from him and me. In the end, he literally ran away from me and to school (he makes good time).  His father and I were a mixture of amusement, befuddlement, and confusion as we watched him run to his new school and his new experiences.  No tears, just a kiss on each cheek, and he was off. I couldn't even cry.

Life lesson from today- when it's time to make change, it's not sad, it's full of energy and it's okay not to mourn what has passed (and it's still okay to mourn if that's what we feel). Letting go can be completely organic, if we let it.  


  1. I have mixed feelings with every milestone. Joy for what they have accomplished, because that is their purpose, to grow up. But a little sadness that a phase that I have loved (and I love all of them) is over.

  2. This one has been surprisingly easy to do. I'm normally with you on the mixed feeling topic.


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