Saturday, July 5, 2014

Magic for stupid stuff

When and why you use magic is very person, I'm sure. For me, I use it when I am willing to work towards a goal, but need some Divine help to keep my hopes up and my path clear. I don't use it for anything that I can do all by myself. I don't use it for frivolous wishes, and I don't use it to cover my tracks when I've been irresponsible.  I even refrain from using it when I desperately want a voodoo doll for revenge against someone who richly deserves it (like my husband's former boss- who I am happy to report got himself fired recently- or the upstairs neighbor who makes me and many other tenants miserable).  Magic, as much as it is an important part of my life, is not for use with stupid stuff.

My rules for magic are pretty simple:

  • Don't ask for what you don't really want. Really think about this because sometimes we get exactly what we ask for, not what we need.
  • Be specific in your requests. The Universe tends to be very literal.
  • Don't attempt to influence other people or take away their agency. Stick to situations.
  • Don't abuse the privilege. Diving dinner is excessive and silly.
  • Think twice or thrice before using magic in a situation where good hard work, diplomacy, or a strongly worded letter are going to be more effective.
  • Stay away from revenge magic, because the karmic debt tends not to be worth it.
  • Don't make a mess (this includes setting the furniture on fire, not that I've done that. Much.)
  • Accept responsibility for yourself and your energy.
  • Look for opportunities to help your magic along with common sense, elbow grease, and a positive attitude.
When I saw Facebook post, from a reasonable well known author on topic of witchcraft, about a spell to ward off parking tickets, I got pretty mad.  Parking tickets are almost always caused by the driver's poor decision or by not paying attention to laws, signage, or the color of the curb. It's not like a hurricane or the loss of your job due to corporate cutbacks or random attack on your property. It's you're fault most of the time if your car gets ticketed.  If you don't feed the meter enough money, that's your fault (yes, it's unfair when your task takes too long and the meter runs out, but it's still your responsibility to take care of it). If you park in a no parking zone, that's your choice.  Leave your car in the ten minute parking spot for three hours, well that's just stupid.  It's not the parking enforcement officer's fault if you do something stupid. They don't' deserve your anger, your bad energy or unkind words; they are simply doing their job of enforcing the law.

Magic is a power and wonderful tool at our hands, but like with any other toll, we must assume full responsibility for our actions when using it for it to continue to be a powerful tool.  If we use it for trivial things or in a manner that is irresponsible, we cheapen that tool and diminish it's power. We also diminish our own.  

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