Monday, June 16, 2014

Unfinished business and Mercury's message

I often write about surviving Mercury's retrograde periods, but I rarely even think about using the time constructively.  That's because I'm stubborn, and I hate being nudged when I'm in the mood to ignore. Mercury is one of those gods that cheerfully teams up with the household faeries to make life interesting (and by interesting, I mean for them, not me).  He's been whispering that I should finish something, anything, before my pile of projects falls over and crushes me underneath it. I'm looking around the house, and I'm seeing that the ignoring has become a problem, and Mercury may just have a point.

With all of the end-of-the year activities for the kids, plus my husband being super busy at work, and my general exhaustion, my life is a bit of a wreck. The house is a mess. I have unfinished projects everywhere, and I need to finish up some PTA business before I can relax.  I also have a huge list of projects that really need done this summer that I haven't begun to deal with.  I've let too many things go too long, and now they are all threatening to suffocate me. I know better than this. Mercury had pointedly reminded me during his last retrograde that this was going to get ugly if I didn't finish some of my projects.  Now, he is cheerfully poking through piles and delivering sardonic commentary at all he sees.  I have no one to blame but myself, and I know it.

Mercury retrograde, whilst sometimes annoying and frustrating, is also a good time to deal with things that you've left undone.  It is the perfect time to deal with past problems, even if they are simply the last week's, and it is a good time for evaluating what is important right now, not last year or in some vague future.  De-cluttering, filing, and reviews are all perfectly healthy tasks to start while Mercury meanders backwards.  It's also a great time for any magical or meditation work that you may have been contemplating about dealing with past hurts or relationships whose time may be over.  The trick is to work carefully, thoughtfully, and with an eye towards preventing the past from becoming a burden.  Communicate clearly, after due thoughtfulness. Finish what you've already started, and focus on now.

With some hard work and good thinking, Mercury retrograde can be a great time to get things in order, to let go of past entanglements (even if it is just the 473 old magazines you have stashed in a cupboard that you are never going to get around to reading), and lay a strong foundation for whatever is coming next in your life.  Invite Mercury in and let him point out what you aren't seeing, and welcome the fresh air and fun he often brings with him.  If you work with him, rather than against him, things run smoother and he can be an incredible helpmate. If you don't he'll pull of his favorite tools from his Trickster kit, and he will use them all, if necessary, to get you moving.  You've been warned, and so have I.

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